A Message from SNC President Brian Bruess

Dear SNC family,

Carol and I have watched with horror and disbelief as Minneapolis and St. Paul — the very cities and neighborhoods in which we raised our babies — burned. More importantly, and significantly more horrifying, we watched the video of yet another Black man, Mr. George Floyd, dying: a fellow, beautiful, God-created human killed at the knee of another human.

Our rage, anger, and despair was rightly intensified as it came on the heels of the video of yet another murder of a Black man, Ahmaud Arbery, out for a jog in suburban Georgia neighborhood. And on the heels … and the heels … and so many heels of too many killings of too many of our fellow humans who God gifted with Black and Brown skin.

We are a nation in pain. We are a community in pain. We are a family in pain. …

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