SNC T-shirts to Personalized Pillows

“I knew that I wanted to make a SNC T-shirt pillow as soon as I saw the one that Carol Bruess had donated to SNC Dance Marathon’s silent auction during Miracle Day last year. But it wasn’t until I found out that I would not be student teaching in person, because of social distancing – at the time, still in my apartment on campus – that I actually started the process of the craft. I began by reaching out to the craftiest people I know: Carol, as well as my mom, Laureen Kroll Loftus ‘85. Carol shared with me her secret to pillow success, an inexpensive iron-on product called “heat-n-bond.” I then FaceTimed my mom to go through my entire t-shirt drawer to find shirts from my four years at SNC that I wanted to be a part of this pillow.

“Before my mom could send my shirts to me, campus was closed for the rest of the semester, and I needed to start remotely teaching my students from home in Illinois. When I got home, the last thing I wanted to do was start a project that would remind me of all the times I had at SNC making memories in these shirts and how I wasn’t able to be on campus to make any more. But suddenly one night I had a sudden urge to get crafty and start the project, and I will be forever grateful that I did. From cutting the shirts to arranging them on the pillowcase then to finally sewing them all together and putting the pillow in, I was able to look at every single shirt and relive the memories that I had with them. Although I haven’t been able to go back to St. Norbert as an alumni yet, I was able to make this pillow of shirts that is full of the best memories from the best place. I will have it for the rest of my life to remind me just how lucky I am to forever be a Green Knight.” – Larissa Loftus ’20, Early Childhood-Elementary Education Major

Learn how to make your own pillow with old SNC shirts (or any old shirts) you have laying around. Video tutorial courtesy of Carol Bruess ’90.

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